Welcome to Healthy Mind Counseling Services


6305 Lonas Drive
Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37909
(865) 588-3173


Monday        8am-6pm
Tuesday       8am-8pm
Wednesday  8am-6pm
Thursday     8am-6pm
Friday          8am-5pm


Here are some of the conditions we can help

Depression and anxiety
Feelings of hopelessness
Family and relationships
Postpartum Depression
Balancing home and work
Grief and loss
Adolescents and parenting
School and behavior

Caregiver stress

Eating disorders
Alcohol and drug use
Life transitions
Trauma and abuse
Excessive worry
Sex abuse survivors
Adjustments to life changes

Sometimes you need someone to talk to . .  .                  
. . .someone who can help.
We can help.
Our therapists dedicate themselves to you.  Whether it is a change in your relationships, health, or employment, we can help you find a way to thrive. 

We listen.  We offer a relaxed, supportive, and confidential environment for talk therapy.  We pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and actions and give encouraging feedback.  Our goal is your success and we will provide you with coping methods and proven techniques that work.

You may have tried talking to family or friends. That's a good place to start, but sometimes they cannot maintain objectivity. We've been trained to listen thoughtfully--and to help you understand how to deal with your own difficulties. We can help you explore your alternatives and develop the coping skills you need to make this life a better one.

Your feelings about yourself, family, health and work deserve attention. We can help you address these concerns in new and constructive ways. In a quiet and supportive environment, you can take the time to stop and think. With sensitive and sensible feedback, you can get a handle on where your feelings are taking you.

Our expertise is the result of years of experience, extensive training, and a commitment to continuing education.  We vow to give you the individual care you need and deserve.

Let us help, it can get better!