Geriatric Behavioral Health


Supporting People Through Life's Challenges and Transitions

There are times when life delivers more challenges that we think we can handle. At Healthy Mind Counseling Services, we offer several services for behavioral health concerns.  Counseling services are available either at our welcoming and friendly office setting or we can come to your home (wherever that may be).  We also have medication management available in the office only if that is appropriate.  Some of the issues we can help with are:

Depression Grief
Stress Adult Children Issues
Isolation Economic Issues
Decreased Motivation Medical Issues
Adjustment to Moving Chronic Pain
Sleep Problems Substance Abuse
Loss of Independence Caregiver Stress

          Medical Management

Charlotte Tunnell, APRN-BC
Caitlin Greenwood, APRN-BC

Medical Management
What entails medical management?

Medications are sometimes used to treat behavioral health disorders such as depression, bipolar, anxiety,  and ADD.  Choosing the right medication, medication dose, and treatment plan is based on a person's individual needs and medical situation while under the care of a medical professional.  Many people with behavioral health disorders live fulfilling lives with the help of these medications. Without them, people might suffer serious and disabling symptoms.  Medications treat the symptoms of behavioral health disorders.  They cannot cure the disorder, but they make people feel better so they can function.

Medications work differently for different people. Some people get great results from medications and only need them for a short time. For example, a person with depression may feel much better after taking medication for a few months and may never need it again. People with disorders like bipolar or severe depression or anxiety may need to take medication for a much longer time.  We encourage our clients to ask questions and have a good understanding of their medication, why they are taking it and what results they can or should expect.

Medication management services are available for a range of emotional and cognitive problems, such as depression, anxiety or ADHD. When needed, our experienced prescribers work closely with a client in a team effort with their therapist to identify the most effective treatment options for each individual. Through regular follow up visits, they also carefully monitor the progress of clients to ensure that each person is receiving the optimal benefit from medications.

As an additional tool to your care, DNA testing to help your provider determine which medications are more likely to work better for YOU are available at Healthy Mind Counseling. When you are on a medication that doesn't match your genetics, you could have unwanted side effects or not be helped by the medication at all. Your medical provider will determine if it is appropriate for you to be tested.


Therapy Defined:

Your first visit with your therapist will consist of talking about you, your history, and the issue you are attempting to resolve. During subsequent sessions, you identify goals for your treatment plan and begin working at that resolution. Your therapist will work with you utilizing their education, experience and resources through talking and problem solving helping you to gain insight and coping skills. Further information from community resources, written materials, and/or internet sites may also be provided to increase your knowledge and education. You and the therapist discuss how often the sessions will take place. Sessions initially are generally once a week and run between 45-55 minutes. As you progress and begin to experience positive outcomes, further discussion will take place around completing the counseling experience.

 In-Home Therapy:
 It's hard to ask for help. and often it is even harder to find it. But what if "help" came right to your doorstep? Would you get the assistance you need? We can come to you--bringing counseling into your comfort zone. We offer brief and long-term counseling for clients and their caregiver in their home or residential facility. Insurance Information: We accept all commercial insurance, including Medicare and Medicare products for in office visits. We will bill Medicare. Medicare products and all secondary insurance or supplements for in-home counseling. Commercial insurance will not cover home visits.