Your first visit with your therapist will consist of talking about you, your history, and the issue you are attempting to resolve. During subsequent sessions, you identify goals for your treatment plan and begin working at that resolution. Your therapist will work with you utilizing their education, experience and resources through talking and problem solving helping you to gain insight and coping skills. Further information from community resources, written materials, and/or internet sites may also be provided to increase your knowledge and education.

You and your therapist discuss how often the sessions will take place. Sessions initially are generally once a week and run between 45-55 minutes. As you progress and begin to experience positive outcomes, further discussion will take place around completing the counseling experience.

We are all individuals and so our relationships are unique to us, no two are exactly the same. As a result we are all in need of differing levels of care and intervention.  Counseling can help couples overcome the obstacles that routinely prevent them from resolving their differences as well as keep problems from escalating. Seeking professional help sooner rather that later provides an opportunity for better outcomes. we help you identify what is stopping you from having the successful, fulfilling relationships you want and then help you build the skills you need to achieve it.  Therapists may either treat both partners together, or treat one partner in collaboration with another therapist who treats the other. The therapist will utilize their education, experience, skills and resources to help the couple develop various strategies for problem solving and conflict resolution. Successful relationships require skills that can be learned and practiced.


Our family lives can be tremendously gratifying and enriching, and a source of invaluable support and belonging. They can also become troubling and chaotic, especially when the family is undergoing change. Such responses are often normal, but you may need some help from time to time.

Family sessions facilitate communication, relationship building, and conflict resolution. The resolution of issues, learning better coping skills, support and guidance are an important part of the therapy process.  It is also an effort to understand and respond more successfully to the behavioral or emotional needs in a family as well as cope with the aftermaths of a recent loss, change or crisis. Most families are looking for improved cohesion and definition of roles, responsibilities, boundaries, and structure or leadership.  This process can be tense at times, as feelings are expressed, however it can also help diffuse tensions and promote better outcomes of even long-standing conflicts.

Healthy Mind Counseling Services strongly encourages parents and/or guardians are included when working with children or some senior adults.  The caregiver can provide information about history of behaviors and environment as well as areas of concern.

The family sessions will follow the same general format as the individual. Healthy Mind Counseling Services strongly encourages parents and/or guardians be included when working with children. The caregiver can provide information about the history of the child/children as well as areas of concern.

This payment option is available to employees of participating companies. Check with your employer to see if this Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit is applicable. This is a benefit that may be provided for you in your benefit package where you are employed. The EAP company that has contracted with your place of employment will authorize one or more sessions in which you can seek counseling for a personal concern or issue. Your company does not receive any information about you concerning what, when or why you are coming to counseling. Some employers also will provide this for family members of employees. EAP services are brief, solution focused counseling. If your issue is determined to require long-term treatment, than you are referred to your managed care company (insurance) for services.

If you want to access EAP services, the first step is to check your employees’ handbook or talk with the Human Resource Department to find out if this is a benefit provided for you. If so, call the EAP company and tell them you want to obtain authorization for EAP benefits with Healthy Mind Counseling Services. If we are not providers for that particular EAP, they will be able to assist you in finding someone who can help you.


Medications are sometimes used to treat behavioral health disorders such as depression, bipolar, anxiety and ADD. Choosing the right medication, medication dose and treatment plan is based on a person’s individual needs and medical situation while under the care of a medical professional. Many people with behavioral health disorders live fulfilling lives with the help of these medications. Without them, people might suffer serious and disabling symptoms. Medications treat the symptoms of behavioral health disorders. They cannot cure the disorder, but they make people feel better so they can function.

Medication management services are available for a range of emotional and cognitive problems, such as depression, anxiety or ADHD. When needed our experienced prescribers work closely with a client in a team effort with their therapist to identify the most effective treatment options for each individual. Through regular follow-up visits, they also carefully monitor the progress of clients to ensure that each person is receiving the optimal benefit from medications.

As an additional tool to your care, DNA testing to help your provider determine which medications are more likely to work better for YOU are available at Healthy Mind Counseling. When you are on a medication that doesn’t match your genetics, you could have unwanted side effects or not be helped by the medication at all. Your medical provider will determine if it is appropriate for you to be tested


Often, it is hard to handle the changes that come with advancing age, illness, the loss of independence, the stress of caring for a loved one, and other issues that can cause depression, anxiety, and other emotional difficulties. For many senior adults there are times when life delivers more challenges than they may think they can handle. Some individuals may e lonely, depressed, trying to cope with the loss of a loved one or simply just not “feeling like themselves”. We can provide an initial assessment to determine if therapy is appropriate for resolution of the challenges they are facing.  

Many of our clients are unable or do not desire to travel to a therapists office for the help they require. It’s hard to ask for help and often even harder to find. Their own home provides the most private, natural, and comfortable place to explore themselves and their relationships with others. A home-based approach allows for greater flexibility, convenience for the senior and eliminates any anxiety that may be related to concerns about privacy. There is no waiting room time, no clerical staff, and no sign in sheets. If traditional Medicare or Humana are your primary insurance, it will pay for these services. There is no doctor referral requirement to receive services. We will verify benefits to determine what is covered by insurance and what will be the responsibility of the client.


We welcome new clients! Please feel free to call our office to set up an appointment. We will gather information from you regarding general demographics but will also need your payment information. Should you choose to use insurance we will need your policy number and the name, address, phone and date of birth of the policy holder if that is not you.

 At your first appointment, make sure you bring a photo ID, your insurance card, the requested paperwork for your provider and be prepared to make a payment for your responsibility. You should arrive approximately 20 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork so you can receive your full time allotted with your provider.




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